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FIPP PPT Ch 3 Basic Fire Science

Heat Release Rate (HRR) (1 of 2) • HRR is the energy released by the fuels consumed • An HRR curve indicates the energy released during the incipient growth free‐burning and decay stages of a fire • Highest value is the peak HRR • Knowing peakHRR for various fuel packages can assist the investigator Get price


PowerPoint Presentation

The Combustion Process * * * * OXYGEN HEAT FUEL THE FIRE TRIANGLE FIRE combustion What basic elements are needed for fire to occur? CO2 + H2O + HEAT (+ gases + char + ash) (C6H10O5)n Solar Energy + CO2 + H2O + O + Ignition Temperature FUEL PHOTOSYNTHESIS (storage of chemical energy) COMBUSTION PROCESSGet price


Every Calorie Counts

Calories In = Calories Out – Same Weight Calories In Calories Out –Lose Weight If we eat fewer calories than we burn we will lose weight Calories In Calories Out – Gain Weight If we eat more calories than we burn we will gain weight Calories and weight loss 1 pound of body fat = 3 500 calories To lose 1 pound a week you need to eat 500 calories less each day Or add enough exercise Get price


Diabetic PowerPoint Template

* * Brown fat transplants – derived from muscle and burns energy to produce hear lean ppl tend to store more of brown fat than overweight individuals * Definition "A metabolic disease in which the body's inability to produce any or enough insulin causes elevated levels of glucose in the blood "Get price


The Management of Electrical Burn

May 22 2012No racial susceptibility to electrical burns exists [7 11–13] In more severe burn the separation of the slough may result in the exposure of tendon joints or bone and if these are not protected by viable flap bearing their own blood supply sloughing of tendons and sequestration of bone and cartilage will follow Get price


Molding Defects Causes Corrective Actions

Molding Defects Causes Corrective Actions 8 Blister Blistering Burn Marks Gas Burn Air Burn Color Streaks Streaking teded raed or laered area o te urace o te art lac or bro dcolorato o ateral artet ro te old ate dered color cae area o te ateral Tool ru too ot or te eater alucto ecto eed o ateral too ador te tool et-ot ucet Dered colorat tGet price


PowerPoint Presentation

Google "Workplace Civility?" READ EACH ONE There is a strong sense among Americans that civility has been lost in the modern workplace A New York Times opinion survey reported that 53% of respondents felt that the workplace is "more angry" than "the way things used to be "Get price


Management of Burns

Burn Management (continued) Wound care First aid • If the patient arrives at the health facility without first aid having been given drench the burn thoroughly with cool water to prevent further damage and remove all burned clothing • If the burn area is limited immerse the site in cold water for 30 minutes toGet price


OPEN BURNING(and "incineration" too)

(5) Burning for the purpose of weed abatement disease forest fire and pest prevention or control and for the purpose of agricultural forestry or wildlife habitat management (6) On-premise burning of leaves brush deadwood or tree cuttings accrued from normal property maintenance by the owner his or her agent or lessee thereof Get price


Chemical or Physical Change?

When a substance undergoes a chemical change it is changed into a different substance with different properties 5 Signs of a Chemical Change Color Change Precipitation Precipitation Precipitation – the solid that forms from a solution during a chemical reaction Get price


Emission Control Technology for Stationary Internal

transmission the engines are typically all lean-burning Gas engines are also used for prime power applications especially where it is convenient to connect a natural gas line to the engine Both rich-burn and lean-burn engines are used for decentralized power or distributed generation cogeneration and combined heat and power (CHP) applications Get price


PowerPoint Presentation

Black people were treated no better than animals In an interview she said Back then we didn't have any civil rights It was just a matter of survival of existing from one day to the next I remember going to sleep as a hearing the Klan ride at night and hearing a lynching and being afraid the house would burn Get price


6S PowerPoint PPT

The 5S for Safety Vision All sources of injury are eliminated All employees participate in finding issues all the time Employee teams perform safety audits TRIR/LWDIR metric is better than world class All employees take pride in knowing that we work hard at being safe 5S – Defined What are the 5S's?Get price



Burns McDonnell is a full-service engineering architecture construction environmental and consulting solutions firm based in Kansas City Missouri We plan design permit construct and manage facilities all over the world with one mission in mind Make our clients successful Get price


Understanding Heat Transfer Conduction Convection and

Understanding Heat Transfer Conduction Convection and Radiation Heat Transfer Heat always moves from a warmer place to a cooler place Hot objects in a cooler room will cool to room temperature Cold objects in a warmer room will heat up to room temperature Question If a cup of coffee and a red popsickle were left on the table in this room Get price



If infection is present or a there is a high risk of potential for infection to occur an antibacterial dressing should be chosen Management of the partial thickness burn The management of the partial thickness burn injury and the split thickness skin graft donor site is very similar Get price


CPR and First Aid Guidelines PPT

If ten percent or more of a child's body is burned or if the child has a third degree burn medical treatment is essential In a third degree burn blisters form on the burned area and the skin may be charred If a burn is severe do not chill the burn or submerge the child in cold water These are appropriate techniques for minor burns Get price


The History of Banning and Buning Books P 6 ppt

Aug 29 2014The History of Banning and Buning Books P 6 ppt 1 Welcome to the Museum of Museum Entrance Room One Room Two Room Three Books The History Of Burning Books Back Wall Artifact Wherever books are burned human beings are destined to be burned too (Heinrich Heine) Get price


Burns Initial Evaluation and Management

BURNS Initial Evaluation Management Christopher P Brandt M D Associate Professor of Surgery Case Western Reserve University * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Joseph B Your patient is brought to the E D by the EMS service He is a 14 year-old male who was involved in a house fire History What other points of history do you want to know?Get price


Oxygen and oxides

2 17 describe how experiments involving the reactions of elements such as copper iron and phosphorus with air can be used to determine the percentage by volume of oxygen in air Experiment with copper This can be demonstrated by the reactionof a fixed amount of air with heated copper Copper will react with oxygen in the air to form copper(II) oxide Get price


Comparison of topical zinc oxide and silver sulfadiazine

In the treatment of burns the aim is to treat burns prevent infections and achieve the best functional and aesthetic results in a shorter time with lower costs While healing burn wounds a topical agent should decrease the rates of mortality and morbidity by pre- venting bacterial contamination and sepsis Get price


Gender and Women Health

Gender and Women Health Pinar Okyay MD PhD Department of Public Health School of Medicine Adnan Menderes University Aydin Turkey * * 1980 Ultrasound usage * This is a very important issue in China The expected ratio at birth in China has largely distorted The expected ratio at birth of 21 of the 31 provinces is great Get price


How to Burn PowerPoint to DVD

Jan 05 2018Click File Save As and choose the file type as video format 2 Launch Windows DVD Maker In the interface of Add pictures and video to the DVD click Add items button and add your newly-created slideshow video file 3 Insert a blank writable DVD From DVD Maker click Preview Burn to begin PPT slide show to DVD burning Get price


PowerPoint Presentation

Rotating black holes A rotating black hole (one with angular momentum) has an ergosphere around the outside of the event horizon In the ergosphere space and time themselves are dragged along with the rotation of the black hole As you fall into to a black hole you shine a blue flashlight at a friend exterior to the hole she sees blue light blue Get price


PPT File Extension

Oct 16 2018PPT files are used for creating presentations in the home and business environments The PPT file was introduced in 1987 with the release of PowerPoint It was saved in a binary file format and was the primary file type used to save PowerPoint presentations until it was replaced in PowerPoint 2007 with the PPTX file extension which is saved Get price


Ripping and running filetype ppt icons

Download all the ripping and running filetype ppt icons you need Choose between 21142 ripping and running filetype ppt icons in both vector SVG and PNG format Related icons include food icons business icons tools icons finance icons restaurant iconsGet price



Layers of the atmosphere There are 4 layers in the atmosphere They are the troposphere mesosphere thermosphere and stratosphere Troposphere This is the layer that is closest to the surface of the earth It's elevation ranges from 0 to 10 km Stratosphere This layer sits on top of the troposphere It's elevation ranges from 10 km to around 25 km This layer contains the ozone layer which protects us from Get price


1EPA United States Air and Radiation EPA 430

burn The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies skin type on a scale from 1 to 6 Individuals with lower number skin types (1 and 2) have fair skin and tend to burn rapidly and more severely Individuals with high er number skin types (5 and 6) though capable of burning have darker skin and do Get price


Challenges in Clinical Research

Jeffrey M Burns MD Associate Professor Department of Neurology Director KU Alzheimer and Memory Program Assistant Director General Clinical Research Center * Challenges in Clinical Research Expensive Study people Difficulty controlling the exposure type and timing Clinical measures Recruitment Clinical Trials vs Investigator-Initiated Get price


PowerPoint Presentation

A council of 500 prepared business for the assembly Direct Democracy 4 NAME THAT GOVERNMENT The Nazi Party took over every aspect of this country's social economic political life Hitler quickly secured his power by burning down a legislative building and used the incident to obtain emergency powers becoming an absolute ruler Dictatorship 5 Get price


Emergency Care of Burn Injuries

Burn diagrams illustrate adult – child differences Lund Browder Chart Extent of Burns Patient's palmar surface (hand + fingers) = 1% TBSA Burn Depth Factors Temperature Duration of contact Dermal thickness Blood supply Special Consideration Very young and very old have thinner skin Burns begin at 44 degrees C 6 hours for burns to occur at 111 degrees F (44 C) 1 second of burns to occur at 140 Get price

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